About us

Our priority is to provide you with functional, quality display products that are in-sync with your corporate image and branding strategy to positively influence your customers and to increase your sales. 

About us

D LINE Displays is an independent leading designer and manufacturer of broad range of innovative and highly functional P.O.P. (Point of purchase) display solutions, shop-in-shop installations, custom interiors, exhibition booths, prototypes, packaging and other custom products located in Ostrava, Czech republic. We look at ourselves as problem-solvers, and we take every opportunity to utilize our 15 years of experience to assist our customers in their retailing environment. With proven track record and a long list of clients from throughout Europe, D LINE Displays will follow your specific guidelines or suggest top-of-line design to provide you with custom display solution that will exceed your expectations.

Our priority is to provide you with functional, quality display products that are in-sync with your corporate image and branding strategy to positively influence your customers and to increase your sales. 

When ordering from D LINE Displays you can count on attractive eye-catching designs, superb manufacturing quality, timely delivery and lower cost than competition. The process starts with creating initial 3D renderings. Based on your approval we will create engineering plans using CAD software to ensure all products are stable, functional and safe. During the manufacturing phase we use own state-of-the-art production facility that can handle a wide range of materials including: iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, wood, laminated boards, MDF boards, glass, plastics, and other specialty materials like Dibond. Throughout the manufacturing process we will keep you informed about the status of your products and we will absolutely make sure that you are 100% satisfied with all aspects of your order. 

D LINE Displays will also handle all logistical aspects including proper packing and timely delivery of your products to your location. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss details of your next marketing display solution.


Display stands more

Display stands can be divided into three major categories: P.O.P. (Point of purchase) Retail Stands, Promotional Literature Stands and Product Demonstration Stands.

Promotional kiosks more

Promotional kiosk installations are very useful way to showcase and demonstrate your products in retail environment.

Exibition Booths more

D LINE Displays has a reputation for creating exhibition booths that are visually engaging and architecturally appealing.

Interiors more

D LINE Displays has unique expertise in designing, fabricating and installing permanent interior installations and furniture for all types of institutional clients for more than 10 years.

Other products more

D LINE Displays has a unique capability to realize special products of wide range of applications including: custom packaging, prototypes, advertising banners, luminous signage, vehicle graphics, store-front window decals and other custom projects.


Our company has many years of experience in the business, therefore we can also provide related services from design their own exhibition space, over printing of promotional materials and promotional items, to 3D printing.

Interior designs

Are You managing a new store, office or house? We will create a 3D design to implementation.

3D printing

Our company is able to implement any product design using modern methods

Printing promotional materials

On request we create a wide range of promotional materials, from business cards to billboards all kinds.

Online broadcasting more

We will arrange a live broadcast training, lectures, sporting events, concerts, exhibitions and other events.



System VERSADUR will exceed your expectations whether you require a small informational stand at a local meeting or a fully manned, multiproduct exhibition booth at an international fair trade.

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Contact details

Company Address:
Z. Chalabaly 3041/2
700 30 Ostrava – Bělský les
E-mail: office@d-line.cz
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