D LINE Displays has a reputation for creating exhibition booths that are visually engaging and architecturally appealing. Using proprietary structural system VERSADUR we will create exhibition environment that will attract and engage your customers. Due to its versatility, hight stability, durability, low weight, simplicity and compactness system VERSADUR offers broad range of usage especially in construction of tradeshow booths, self-standing promotional and sales kiosk in reception areas, retail stores, hotel lobbies and other public spaces.
System VERSADUR will exceed your expectations whether you require a small informational stand at a local meeting or a fully manned, multiproduct exhibition booth at an international fair trade. System VERSADUR is quickly becoming the new standard in exhibition industry and retail enviroments.



Design and Versatility

Radiuses, circles, two-story walls, dynamic lighting, storage areas, wide range of accessories, clean lines, open and airy feeling of your exhibition space are all architectural possibilities that create pleasant and welcoming environment for your customers.


Versatility of Graphic Elements and Surfaces

Visual graphical elements and panel surfaces including laminate, wood, glass, and fabrics are easily attachable and exchangeable using Velcro©


Easy Reconfiguration

Easily reconfigure existing VERSADUR booth and for upcoming season create brand new tradeshow environment without any additional investment.


Speedy Installation and Disassembly

Due to its unique and simple panel join technology, system VERSADUR saves your time and money during installation and disassembly of your tradeshow booth.


Lightweight, Compact and Economic System

Due to its low weight and compactness system VERSADUR saves your money during shipping, manipulation and construction.


Contact details

Company Address:
Z. Chalabaly 3041/2
700 30 Ostrava – Bělský les
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